I feel like a piece of meat. Represented in the world by an amoral embarrassment. People around the world know, we as a people, chose to have this idiot lead us. How is it possible? As a nation are we that stupid? How did this happen?

In Chicago we live in a bubble of mostly progressive, decent people who never would have voted for Trump. It’s easy to forget there are a huge number of his supporters outside our city’s boundaries. We can speak completely open about our disdain for the man. The majority of the time, we know our audience feels the same.

Donald J. Trump is The Commander and Chief of the U.S. Army and Navy. If that doesn’t scare the crap out of you, I don’t know what would. It certainly scares me. I have a soft spot for Syria. When I heard that The U.S, The U.K, and France had gone into Syria I was deeply saddened. I don’t know their plan of attack. I don’t know if it will bomb the correct targets. I’m sure many many innocent lives will be lost. I am slightly relieved that The U.K. and France are also involved. They may also make disastrous choices in the operation, but at least their leaders are most likely somewhat intelligent. Maybe there’s a slight chance that things won’t be as awful as I fear. With #45 solely in charge there is no doubt insanity would have ensued. We still have a Commander and Chief of the third largest Army in the world, who quite simply, is a danger to mankind. He has shown he is incapable of making rational decisions most of the time. The odd rational decision is likely at the urging of some of his staff. Many of them sadly, are just as idiotic and corrupt as he is.

Let’s not forget his lack of morals, as I pointed out at the beginning. He treats women like crap. He has no respect for anyone. He is definitely narcissistic, and I believe most likely sociopathic. He genuinely does not give as single shit about anyone else. Many presidents likely ran for selfish reasons. It can be argued that they cared about this country, and tried for the most part to do what they thought was right. I don’t think Trump knows or cares what is right. If you don’t have your own ideas as to what is right and wrong, or just don’t care, then you are not leading your people, you are ruling over them. Many may have disagreed with Barack Hussein (giving the fanatics their say) Obama’s policies, but he gave a shit about his family, his country, and his people. To have to go from The Obamas to the shit-show that is The Trumps is farcical. I honestly don’t understand how a normal person can justify their support of him. Not only is he suspected of being a dick, there is proof through recordings and open comments by him.

In conclusion your honor… God help us all!

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