Childhood of Children

My children run in circles around me. Around each other. Joining so many other children. Shouting. Laughing. Varying facial expressions. Of delight. Surprise. Bliss. Children with children. A beautiful, magical thing. Acting as if steadfast friends, family. Misunderstandings. Disagreements. Pacts. High fives. Quickly resolved. More giggles and shouts. Forming rules of some made-up game. Memories … Continue reading Childhood of Children


I am exhausted. I moved out of my house two days ago – only two – with two of my children. Who knew living in one bedroom would be so awful? Ah they’re not too bad. I mean given that they’ve just left the only home they’ve known. Both nights they have beaten the crap … Continue reading Exhausted

Saving My Breath

My eyelids flutter. I am not quite sure they are mine. A dream perhaps? Directly under a ceiling, with generic white tiles usually found in offices and schools. I attempt to move my head to the left and then the right. This causes neck pain. No stiffness. I have an extremely limited range of motion. … Continue reading Saving My Breath