Pete the Cat.
Cat in the Hat.
Hats for School.
School is Cool.

Cows in Herds.
Herds of birds.
Birds Fly High.
High Drugs Lie.

Hurt Made Pain.
Pain Means Gain.
Gain a Lead.
Lead Don’t Heed.

Gorillas in the Mist.
Mist Rain Kissed.
Kissed a Girl.
Girl Does a Twirl.

Love Beats Hate.
Hate Not Your Fate.
Fate is a Lie.
Lie Makes You Cry.

Mary Had a Little Lamb.
Lamb is Nicer Than Ham.
Ham and Cheese.
Cheese Yes Please.

I Love Bread.
Bread Before Bed.
Bed is the Best.
When You’re Undressed.

This poem is Shit.
Shit Each Bit.
Bit of a Drill.
Drill Used to Kill.

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