Our Nation is Battered – Black and Blue

Black Lives Matter.Blue Lives Matter.Black lives and Blue lives matter.You don’t have to choose. but... George Floyd and his murderer David Chauvin Racism is institutionalized in many police forces nationwide. We have seen the results time and time again. I am not a member of any police force. I do not know what the atmosphere … Continue reading Our Nation is Battered – Black and Blue


I stand at the end of the pierMy eyes focus on the rockThe only constant objectThe sea is violentThe sky stormyI want to anchor myself I hold myself tightRock away my thoughtsFeel numbness then painAgony. Hollow.You leftI stayed My ears amplify the howlOf wind, of life, of meThe sea tries to lure me downThe depths … Continue reading Solitude

Heart and Soul

Surgeons performing operation in operating room The it wailed, moaned, rolled - although that was worse. Was there an ultimate level of pain? Could every pain be surpassed? The it didn’t have enough mental capacity to ask these questions. Or have any thought.There was only whimpering, screaming, shouting, whispering, rasping, pleading… “Just let me die” … Continue reading Heart and Soul