I am exhausted. I moved out of my house two days ago – only two – with two of my children. Who knew living in one bedroom would be so awful? Ah they’re not too bad. I mean given that they’ve just left the only home they’ve known. Both nights they have beaten the crap … Continue reading Exhausted

Saving My Breath

My eyelids flutter. I am not quite sure they are mine. A dream perhaps? Directly under a ceiling, with generic white tiles usually found in offices and schools. I attempt to move my head to the left and then the right. This causes neck pain. No stiffness. I have an extremely limited range of motion. … Continue reading Saving My Breath

It is…

And so it comes again,Neither rich nor poor,Happy nor sad,Relaxed nor anxious.It is. Its presence can be felt,By only a few.Even they have doubt of its being.Scared to share.To be thought of as mad.It is. Sensations, emotions, smells, Different for each one.No one knowing There is another one.Knowing there might be different.It is. It rains down in … Continue reading It is…

A Place Not Forgotten

The ocean lapping on the rock. Kids feet splashing. Jumping. Less care in the world. Beautiful skies. Sun. Heat. Basking. Freedom. Like never before. First tastes of distance. Relishing. Loving. Magical. Rain, wind, cold. No cares. Gaa. New friends. Fast friends. Stay in touch. Another rock. Close to home. Our rock alone. Smoking. Laughing. Ouija. … Continue reading A Place Not Forgotten