The opposite list is here.

If I were home in Ireland 🇮🇪, I would appreciate:

  • A real dairy milk
  • A 99
  • Galaxy chocolate
  • Blackcurrant Chewits
  • Strawberry Chewits
  • McCambridge’s brown bread
  • Dairygold
  • Tayto cheese and onion
  • Chips from the chipper on The Kilbarrack Road
  • Curry Chips too
  • Oasis – The clothing store
  • Vera Moda – The clothing store
  • Lime Starburst – they’ve Cherry in The U.S. instead – they’re cherry-mad here 🤮
  • Jelly Tots
  • Smarties – smarties here are tiny sweets like those crappy necklace and watch sweets we used to eat as kids
  • Walnut Whips
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • Club Rock Shandy
  • Cidona
  • “L” plates – babies do be driving cars here with no warning. I’m surprised we’re not all dead!
  • HB ice-cream
  • Day-cent plugs that you don’t think are going to explode any minute
  • Easter eggs – way better than the shitty Easter candy here.
  • The news on RTE 1. I can not handle the shite here.
  • Milder winters
  • Number of vacation days
  • Lack of warmongering – but who knows how it would be if Ireland had 325 million people, apart from everyone having to stand all the time to fit on the island!
  • No guns
  • Not having The 45th president of The U.S. as its leader.
  • Having Leo Vadarkar as Taoiseach – whatever one’s thoughts about his politics, it’s fantastic that a gay man with one non-white parent is leader. 10 or 20 years ago no one would have dreamed it possible in Holy Catholic Ireland
  • Decent beer taps, and indeed draft beer
  • The Irish language
  • Music 🎶
  • No stop signs 🛑 every feckin block – stop go stop go
  • Irish humor – not that there isn’t any funny American shit

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