[I really want to post a picture of Adam here, but that’s just a tad stalkery]

I am so frustrated. I went on a date (ish) yesterday. How can you go on a date-ish? Well I did. Let’s call the gentleman in question Adam. His name begins with ‘A’ but he’s Indian. So his name is not Adam. Anyway. ADAM and I have been talking and messaging each other for about three months. We got on really well initially. Then he went away for work for a month. There was minimal contact. About half way through I gave him an out. It was along the lines of “Hey. Just saying ‘hi’. Hope you’re doing well. If you’re not interesting in staying in touch that’s fine. Shoot me a text.” I got a text back pretty quickly. Not professing his undying love (thankfully), but a “I’m really busy. I’ll be back in Chicago in two weeks.” Fair enough.

So minimal contact over the following couple of weeks. Back in town. A little more, but nothing like the way it was at the start. We talked about meeting. The whens and the wheres etc. So a week or two ago I saw that Aliens, my favorite movie, was playing out in Arlington Heights on Sunday January 6th. I bought two tickets, with no idea of who I’d bring. Admittedly I asked a couple of people before him. I finally asked him the day before. It would be a minimal pressure way for us to meet.

We met at the theater. Hugged each other hello. A strong warm hug. We went in. The auditorium was still bright. We talked a little. Played with each other’s hands a little. Somewhat nervous smiles, but warm all the same. The movie came on. More of the same. Heads close together. More hand holding and playing. We kissed a couple of times. Nothing major. No teenage bullshit. Just a nice kiss or two. I had warned him in advance I’d grab him at scary bits, which I did, and which he playfully laughed at. That lasted about 1/3 of the movie.

There was no sudden change, but our interactions kind of stopped. By the end I was convinced we would not be having a second date. Maybe I’m clueless, but I thought it had gone well, until it didn’t. When we got outside I asked him if he had to go home, giving him an easy out, or grab a coffee. He took the easy way out. We walked to our respective cars and parted ways. On the way home I was a little sad. Over three months we had seem to get on personally really well, and we seemed to be attracted to each other physically.

A few hours later I decided to send a parting text. “Thanks for coming to the movie. Sorry for grabbing you. But it WAS scary. Haha.”

He had joked after the movie, that it wasn’t scary at all. One minute later he sends “Common did I said anything wrong about grabbing me

Okay. So what the fuck? I think that’s an ‘I do like you‘ text. Am I wrong? Anyway. Grrrr. Men. I am either clueless or he is a stereotypical male and is simply unable of open communication, and letting himself be vulnerable. Fucked if I know. God he has lovely hands!

One thought on “Adam

  1. I don’t know but the age old adage is beware of still water, meaning quiet ones. Adam might be hiding a deep dark secret, I think you shouldn’t put yourself in an anxious position. Maybe he planing I don’t know? but I see red flags in your head and heart already.


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