So a few people have told me I’m a reasonably good writer. I’m going to take the complements at face value. Most of us, me included, are bad at doing that. I have had several “buts” though. Suggestions of writing more positive posts. Whoa Nelly. By the way, I just had to ask my nine year old how to spell ‘whoa’. Positive posts. Do these people know me. What is this ‘positive‘ you speak of? No comprendo. No hablo positivo. So I’ll try. Okay? I’m trying to think of a subject.

Kid #2 (still the nine year old) has suggested being a parent. I kind of shuddered. He didn’t need to see my expression to realize it might not be that positive after all. All he had to do was think back on all the times I had lost it that day.

I had already ruled out his suggestion of someone flying (not in a plane), because the last time I wrote about that the guy ended up being dead.

Suggestion number three: eh… (his word)… I got nothing mom, I’m serious. If a nine year old boy can only think of two positive things, neither of which are positive, we’re all screw. How on Earth do you expect me to do so? Or maybe it’s because he’s his mother’s son? Onto child number 3…

Daughter aged 5 suggests what just happened her and daddy…

Daddy called me from the laundry room, which is off our basement. It has a lock on the basement (not laundry room) side of the door. Daddy called my cell and said he was locked inside the laundry room. I sent #3 down to let him out. A couple of minutes later my phone rang again. It was from daddy. When I answered, #3 spoke. I accidentally locked the door. Now daddy and me are locked in the laundry room. I burst out laughing. I sent #2 down to assist. Luckily he was more successful.

There. Satisfied….

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