Yesterday my three kids and I were driving home from their school. A beautiful 85F day. Hot for the last day in September. At the intersection of Foster and Pulaski, I noticed a man crawling on the ground. He appeared to be early to mid-fifties. It’s so hard to tell with weather-beaten homeless people, who … Continue reading Bill

What a Life

What a waste.Thirty years.Thinking. Dreading. Fearing.Why?What was the point?What is the point? Once again.Starbucks.Looking out at a university.I was there, somewhere else, but there…Half my lifetime ago. Crazy.The best of times. The worst of times.Confined, self-restrained, jailed freedom.On the cusp of life, while free-falling into an abyss.An infinite abyss.Just continual falling into a darkening, lightening … Continue reading What a Life


Hollow out my stomach, my chest, my all.There will be no agonizing, burning, stinging pain.Mostly.Instead, a soon to be familiar ache.Waxing and waning.Always present once begun. That feeling.The one that moves up and down.Side to side.Is sometimes forgotten. A sensation that is always present.It fades into the background. Something occurs.An event usually not foretold.I pull … Continue reading Hollowed

Childhood of Children

My children run in circles around me. Around each other. Joining so many other children. Shouting. Laughing. Varying facial expressions. Of delight. Surprise. Bliss. Children with children. A beautiful, magical thing. Acting as if steadfast friends, family. Misunderstandings. Disagreements. Pacts. High fives. Quickly resolved. More giggles and shouts. Forming rules of some made-up game. Memories … Continue reading Childhood of Children