I wish, I wish upon a star
That I could travel oh so far
Away from pain, away from fear
And stop these never-ending tears
Away from dark, away from light
Away from anything that’s right
To heal what’s clawed in me so deep
That causes me to want to sleep

I wish, I wish I could fly high
Leave all the world below, behind.
A cloudy, blurry, hazy ball
Covered for me to see no more.
Mere shadows moving under a sheath
That which is gone for me beneath.
I know they are there, those I love so much,
Yet I cannot see them, or hear or touch.

I wish, I wish, upon my life
I had fought my troubles, lived with my strife.
Had stayed on Earth – my feet on the ground
Stayed feeling my heart and others’ pound.
Held my children, and felt them grow
With an adoring mother, with me, to hold.
But I took that from me, took that from them.
What a stupid, selfish, thoughtless woman.

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