I didn’t know it was possible to hold one’s breath for hours at a time. I am not naive enough to assume Biden would win by a landslide, but I had to believe that some (hopefully many) Trump supporters from 2016 would have changed their opinion four years on.

This goes beyond politics, whatever your views on the hot button issues – gun control, abortion, left-wing and right-wing – fiscally and otherwise. How could any American examine Trump’s first (and hopefully only) term as President and think he was an upstanding democrat? Not a member of The Democratic Party, of course, but a man who respects and upholds democracy.

Are your guns worth the slide of America out of a democracy? Are your guns worth the downfall of the U.S.A? I choose guns for no reason other than it is one issue that people have given for voting for Trump. How, at no point, did you see he was an unfair bully? A selfish, self-centered man? Not a man for the people? Every person he mocked, every lie that he told, every time he undermined democracy – that was not enough. What excuses did you chose for his behavior? Do you follow him blindly? He is “our” man – he is 100% ours.

Do you know what’s worse? Worse than one narcissist? It is that nearly every single Republican in The Senate and The House, towed the party line. Followed Trump because they were afraid of going head-to-head with him. They were afraid of losing power more than they cared about serving this country. All their promises came to naught once Trump became President. Shame on them. Almost all of them are fully aware of their culpability in the dilution of our political system. The checks and balances were let fall by the wayside. Politics became radically political. There was no honor, no code, no love for The Good Ole U. S. of A. Most politicians are political, but most seem to love our country. That has been laid bare.

John McCain. Remember him? An upstanding man who could have been President. I was/am a supporter of Barack Obama. His opponent in 2008, McCain, was one Republican I would have been proud to have as our leader. Shouldn’t our options on election day be fierce advocates for their supporters, loyal to our country to a fault, willing and active proponents for all the people. I don’t think that is too much to ask. A President is for all the people – even those he (or she) disagrees with.

After the election in 2016, “No es mi Presidente” became the rally cry of those who vehemently, and not so vehemently, opposed Trump. The fact it is Spanish reflects in our multicultural melting pot. Sadly, I think it alienated Trump’s supporters further, many of whom have strong thoughts against immigration. I acknowledge that my view on other people’s thoughts about immigration may be inflammatory, and that not all Trump supporters fit into my idea of them. When arguing one’s point or getting one’s point across, closing a gap between ‘sides’ is more likely to be effective or at least heard. I’m not saying a different approached would have changed anything. My point above about Republicans’ guilt for their roles as followers demonstrates so. I marched at The Trump Tower in Chicago four years ago. I shouted, “No es mi Presidente.” I can not speak for others there, but I can tell you, my participation was borne out of fear and dismay. Many of the things I had feared back then, have come to fruition.

For me, and for many non-Trump voters, it is not about Republicans versus Democrats. It is specifically about Trump. My views align pretty tidily with those of The Democratic Party. In my life, or from my teens, I would have always voted for the Democrat’s candidate. I do not always vote along party lines for posts other than The Presidency, and as I mentioned above, I would have been proud to vote for John McCain under certain circumstances. All of that said – I have never feared for this country under any other Republican. Even when I have disagreed with most of their positions on important issues. I don’t know how to better phrase it. These are not normal times. America is unstable. I would like to think most people have their eyes open and want what’s best for America and Americans.

I hope Joe Biden will be revealed, in the coming hours, and possibly days, to be our President incumbent. I and many other Americans will heave a huge sigh of relief. I truly believe he will think of all of us. He will act to pass laws that go against many Trump supporters’ beliefs, but it will not be out of a desire to belittle others, to boast his ego, to fill a roll as a demagogue.

I love this country and I want what is best for it. In the opinion of this one person – me – that is Anyone but Trump. I will see you on the other side of the election results. I hope it will be the beginning of something different.

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