I stand at the end of the pier
My eyes focus on the rock
The only constant object
The sea is violent
The sky stormy
I want to anchor myself

I hold myself tight
Rock away my thoughts
Feel numbness then pain
Agony. Hollow.
You left
I stayed

My ears amplify the howl
Of wind, of life, of me
The sea tries to lure me down
The depths may they absorb me
I find my body has lain down
My vision naturally skyward

The wind, the sea, the sky, the gulls
Emptiness, Despair, Cloying, Disbelief
Attempting to pulling me through the concrete
Trying to suck me up in the clouds
No one is here with me today
I lie alone with torment in misery

He took my me from within
Did not care what was left
Laughed as my insides pulled out
Witnessing all that he did
I don’t know what it all means
He never will choose to tell me

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