And so it comes again,
Neither rich nor poor,
Happy nor sad,
Relaxed nor anxious.
It is.

Its presence can be felt,
By only a few.
Even they have doubt of its being.
Scared to share.
To be thought of as mad.
It is.

Sensations, emotions, smells, 
Different for each one.
No one knowing 
There is another one.
Knowing there might be different.
It is.

It rains down in trickles from head to toe.
Washes the souls of the every ones.
Not good nor bad.
The ones know, but know not what they know.
It is.

Familiar now. 
Yet not.
After so many times,
Brushing on and in their bodies.
He is.

No longer an ‘it’.
Now a ‘he’.
Unknown but known.
Not mattering.
He is.

Glancing over shoulders.
‘Bless you’ to nothing.
Giggling at non-existent jokes.
Hugging to be hugged.
She is.

Now ‘she’.
The ones are sure and unsure.
Now ‘they’.
Now it doesn’t matter.
They are.

They are trying to understand the ones.
Concepts of race, gender, sexuality.
What? Why? How?
They try to understand the division.
Cannot perceive a difference.
They are.

At a point they think they might know race…
Measurements of pigment in skin determine worth.
One reason. 
Different lands with similar pigments different.
Two Reason.
Worth being based on pigmentation is ludicrous.
Even these backward beings must not hold that as truth.
They are.

Males and females come quicker
Still some time
Apparent differences in genitalia at birth
Irrelevant to brain
Large minority.
They are.

Sexuality again some human construct
Mix of genitalia, thoughts in head, sexual feelings.
Every possible combination exists.
No relation to bed ‘good’ or ‘bad’
Nobody’s business.
The they are confused.

Everybody is washed with a new understanding.
Race, religion, gender, sexuality, anger, division, climate change, war, generosity…
All understand what all understand
How was it ever before
The after is the only possible be
Each person is connected by truth
They are and they are.

Every single human,
At once.
Blink of eye.
Just in time.
Realize all in time.
They. They. They.
Safe. Fair. Just.

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