• Many of these are likely triggers for some. I wanted to throw down on paper many of the significant worldly events that have become ingrained in my mind since childhood until now. Most are nightmares, not dreams.

Bhopal – half-buried baby with haunting eyes

Chernobyl – destroyed reactor

Hillsborough – girl pushed up against grid keeping her inside, pain and panic on face.

Challenger – Two shoots of fire. Parents present.

Gulf War – Oil wells on rife.

Nelson Mandela – end of Apartheid.

Ethiopian Famine – Child with stick limbs and swollen belly. Crying sitting on the desert floor.

James Bulger – his evil killers. His milky face.

Philip Cairns – the schoolbag

Roanaid Murray – the lane

Abusing clergy – Adults crying their horrific childhoods

Gorbachev and Reagan – End of an era. Promise of hope.

The Berlin Wall – Citizens take bricks. Yanking parts down

Ceausescu – executed with wife – orphans

Yugoslavia – Woman’s cranial liquid pouring. Baby thrown against a wall. Skeletal men and boys

9/11 – Falling live bodies. Towers collapse.

I.R.A. ceasefire – Car speeding with Tricolors

Tiananmen Square – Man with flag in front of tank.

Japanese Tsunami – Cars flowing through city. Fukudome Reactor.

Indonesian Tsunami – Man standing on beach disappearing. Deluges pounding through palm trees.

Rwanda – Humans being mown down with machetes

Hurricane Katrina – How did this happen in America? People on roofs, The Superdome

Sharia Law – Murdering female victims of crime

Mumbai attacks – such a beautiful city. Here we go again

AIDS epidemic – Homophobia. Scary ads on TV

Tomlins kids – Sewage death on a ferry.

Susan Smith – beautiful baby boys submerged in car, Fake tears.

Ian Huntley – Holly and Jessica in Man. U. jerseys.

Billy Joel just popped into my head – We didn’t start the fire, but we sure as shit are fanning the flames.

Barack Obama – First black President – acceptance speech in Chicago with his amazing wife and girls.

Legalizing gay-marriage – about bloody time. Loving, happy, kissing brides and grooms.

New Zealand gun laws change – P.M. in head scarf. Crying Muslims. Crying humans.

Ireland has a half-Indian, completely gay Taoiseach. Him and his partner meeting Trump and Pence. Walking in the NYC Paddy’s Day parade

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