How the fuck did we get here?
Yesterday tears of joy.

Fear of new life.

Such responsibility.

So easy.

Time marches.
First time for everything.

First first times.

Newness every day.

Personality unfolding

All my fault?
My brittle, stupid genes?

If not, then who, why, where, how…

The only question that matters is
The only answer

Oh that I could take it upon me.
The many things that start as one…

The cascade begins and becomes unstoppable.

Who knows if I could handle it.

But it would be my cross not theirs.

I do my duty.
Plead my case.

Ready to ignore any refusal regardless.

I will do what I know is right.

Too critical. Too much at steak.

Once there, my own doubts appear.
Bubbling up to the surface.

Fortune favors the bold.

I want fortune for us all.

I will be bold.

Such a long wait.
So much time to flee.

My potential embarrassment must not outweigh the righteous cause.

And I sit.

Exhausted and vindicated inside my head.

I slide beside that precious soul.
I sit and touch and kiss and tell of my love.

My earth, sea, and air.

My everything.

A turn of the head, an “
I love you” in return.

Finally time is ours.
We walk and skip.

We find our space.

The me despondent.

The other excited.

Talking and forms.
Person and person.

Have I remembered?

And in that the truth?

Am I fucking it up?

They steal the willing being.
I turn and feel a helplessness.

When will we be together again.

More papers by the stack.

Questions by the mouthful.

Together again.
Bubbling as wont.

A new being.

Oh what fun it is to ride this new experience.

Both unaware what’s next.

They let us part.
Gently now
Held in arms
As was at birth
We part with a kiss.

Floating away.
Distance growing.

Attempting to process.

Too relaxed.

Too tired.

Trust others to help.
Them not I.

They know all.

I know some.

My cherished now theirs.

I feel it scantly.
What should be huge.

Am I a stone.


To those who observe.

I know not.
My passivity odd.

It just is. I. Me.

Superhero strength.

A secret weapon.

Apparent apathy is not.
My face, my mind, candid, frank.

Shoulds become refutes.

Forgot those.

Just us and we.

Strangers’ panacea.
Take over.

Remedies not mine.


Presumption of owning of fears, of wills.
Towards those. Towards me.

Educators play.

Ability to live.

Lend ears to goodwill.

Love, sweet love.
Before first mewl.

Perpetual bond.


No end.

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