sidewalk/path, cart/trolley, elevator/lift, jumper/sweater, bar/pub, rubbish/trash, collect/pickup, ass/arse, woodwork/shop, period/full stop, negative/minus, distribution board/power strip, awesome/deadly, liquor/spirits, pop/minerals, biscuits/cookies, gas/petrol, ejits/douches, fags/smokes, lorry/truck, grade/class, high/secondary, school/college, good/well,

You are on the wrong side.
I am on the wrong side.
Is everyone on the wrong side?
Everyone on the right?
Who gives a shit?

Talk is talk.
Why do we care?
It doesn’t matter.
Always mocking.
How odd.
How strange.
Who gives a fuck?

Left, right.
Up, down.
My way.
Your way.
Who gives a bollox?

Money. Money. Money.
Work. Live. Work. Live.
Richer. Poorer. Broke.
Socialist. Capitalist.
Friendly. Friendly.

Football. Football.

Tears and laughter.
Laughter and tears.
Love. Hate.
Marriage. Kids. Mortgages. School.
Grades. E. No E.
Parks. Playground.
I’m better. No – I am.

Why does anyone give a shit?

Because lime Starburst are so much better than cherry Starburst

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