She is beautiful.
My mother, my daughter, my sister, my friend, my lover.
She is everything to everyone.
She is powerful.
She is loving.
She is breath, life, heart.

Land and sea.
Inspiring and fear-inducing.
Tsunamis, Earthquakes.
Volcanos, Hurricanes.
Tornados, Floods.
Boiling Heat, Freezing Cold.

Gaia. You are close.
You are always.
You are here.
I am here.
Ever present and strong.

You are awe inspiring.
You hold each and everyone
In your arms.
Countries are irrelevant.
A man-made concept.

Oh graceful Godess.
How we have hurt you.
We have scared your earth.
Polluted your seas and air.
Overpopulated our broken lands.
Acted selfishly.

It seems we are reaching the point of no return.
We have destroyed too much.
Been too blind.
Will we take you down with us?
We will all die
Because we are selfish.

Techonology is more important to us
Than life.
Like a petulant child.
We want, want, want.
We take, take, take.
We kill ourselves.

We are sorry.
We truly are.
But not enough to change.
Just to be sad.
And continue killing ourselves and you.
Inspite of the warnings.

World leaders choosing to ignore scientists.
Thinking or pretending to they know better.
Such ignorance leads to ruin.
And we mere workers
Choose to sad and use plastics.
I am not blameless.

I saw an article yesterday.
Dire presdictions.
I thought of my trashcan.
Cardboard, food, plastic.
I am ‘one of them’.
I bring the downfall.

I was so sick last year.
I could not handle two garbage cans.
Sounds silly.
It was dibilitating.
Where’s my excuse now?
Why am I killing her?

If I am not part of the solution,
I am part of the problem.
Let’s turn things around.
At least slow her downfall.
We have left it too late.
And now we all die.

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