Chaos is swirling all around me.
For once I am the calm.
So unusual for me
To be the refuge not the one in peril.

I study all around me.
I feel relieved at first.
Then guilty that I am safe.
It is an unknown state for me.

I breath a sigh of relief again.
Am cautiously hopeful that this is real.
What should I do with this rare chance.
Should I run wild and free.

I chose to remain still.
Lest it disappear.
I don’t want to waste it in doing.
So I embrace the quiet.

It always seems so loud.
Each minute, hour, and day.
I don’t understand how it works.
Maybe it never does.

It seems I being pulled back in.
Not quite yet but soon.
I prepare to fight back this time.
In doing so lose some peace to soon.

I being tugged so gently piece by piece
Away from newfound serenity.
No I won’t be pulled back in.
I need this tranquil place.

With each resistance I must show
A rivulet of blood flows from me.
I know I will be swallowed soon.
And once again at sea.

The choice is mine for these last steps.
We all know how this ends.
The return to disaster is foretold.
No option really matters.

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