He came to visit me that night,
Cloaked in black, in darkness.
I felt a shift within the room,
An icy mist appearing.
Unsure was I of what was there,
So I chose to ignore him.
Not quite was he a welcomed guest.
I did not know his purpose.
I tried to reach him through the mist,
But could not find him there.
I reached for him just one more time.
My hands passed through just air.
I had a sense he might be vile,
Through no fault of his own.
It peeked my interest just a tad,
Not too scared was I yet.
That in between unsure feeling
That was foreign to me.
I could not figure it all out
And so I went to slumber.
I found it hard to get my rest
Events were in my head.
I finally began to drift
And felt black clouds around me.
And in that sleep I found no rest
I tossed and turned abed.
I finally did fall asleep
And dreams they came to me.
The spirit that was in my room
Was now within my head.
I felt a weight upon my chest,
My breathing became labored.
Anxiety did grab and tug
It rose and soared inside me.
A thought quite sharp became quite clear
And then I was awake.
I saw him now as clear as day
His form was cloaked in rags.
A look less evil than humane
I felt somewhat as ease.
I knew he came to take me back
From this interim life.
He reached for me and I to him
Our hands held palm to palm.
I saw him smile quite faintly
As he led me on my way.
I knew where I was going now
No fear, no sorrow there.
We floated up out of the house,
And me I looked on down.
I realized that Earth was fading
Above was new normal.
I could not recall my Earthly name
It faded with the rest.
I came to know who my new friend’s name
As we continued higher
I felt quite safe in his embrace
He’d gone from cold to warm.
I felt a goodness in his heart
He who claimed me went by Death.

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