I am fire. I am wind. I am water. I am earth. I am what some of you think of as God. But I am not Him or Her. I am me. None of you can conceive what I am. You racist Christians with your old man white beard image. I am white. I am black. I am Asian. I am everything in between and more than you know. Your racism is petty. Laughable. That you think you are superior to anyone else because of an accident of birth… Pitiful. Waving your banners. Attacking families, women, children. Shooting people because of their race. Starving them of opportunity while saying they have every possibility needed for success that you. Have Thinking a three year old little boy is less than your three year old boy. Then indoctrinating your innocent little boy into your hateful life. I don’t love you equally. I cannot love. I am not the God of your choosing. You have no reason to believe what you believe. It is nonsense.

Organized religions has caused more hurt, hate, and almost every evil imaginable on this planet. I am not religion. I am not peace. You will never understand what I am. To those of you who believe that the only sentient life in the universe is human… Why do you think that? Is it similar to your racism? That some of you believe you are the most special beings? Do you really think in this universe, larger than you can imagine has produced only one habitable planet? No species similar to yours? That goes against most of your tthoughs of God and creation. Laughable. Creation. What a joke. How does this work? ‘God’ created you and your special planet just for you? That God – imagined or real – was not racist. Is your planet flat? Do you know what a planet is? Do you think you are smarter than the most brilliant scientific minds in your world? Or are they part of the conspiracy? How do you rationize the curving of the horizon when you can see no land on a clear day? The stars and how they move? Is it too difficult to understand, even a small amount, how it is?

Many people of your world ask how God lets bad things happen to good people. If he truly existed there would be no pain and suffereing on Earth. Religious folks have many counters to this view. The are three main arguments: Everything happens for a reason; God gave man free will and what happens happens because of that; God doesn’t give anyone more than they can handle. What makes you think that things happen for a reason. A drunk runs a red light and hits a pedestrian. Now unless that pedestrian is Hitler, what is the reason for that? On the back of that… God gave the drunk driver the free will to get drunk and drive. The pedestrian didn’t have a say. Moving on… I will not pretend that some people with awful tragedies in their past are beyond believing that people are given what they can handle. For them it must take a trojan effort to get to that position. I believe, although have not been in that position, that most people cannot get part such tragedies. I have had a rough time of things for a long time. I am still alive and not completely distroyed. So I suppose I could handle it all. Does nearly killing yourself mean you handled it? Anyway. If I believed in God, I might well subscribe to this belief because of my surviving. How does a tiny child who is raped and murdered fit into all this? Were they given what they could handle? And their parents? It is farcical to think so.

I am everywhere. I see everything. I wish I was your God. I would change everything on your world. As a race you have shown yourself time and time again to be despicable. You have shown yourself to be irresponsible: to your world; your fellow man; and yourself. They are many among you who are not like this. They strive to make Earth a better place. The rest of you are moving faster to destroy the world the world than they can keep up with. I now have no doubt you will win. The good of you do not deserve this. As a species I have no sympathy. You have been warned over and over again. By people’s voices, by past atrocities, by baring witness. The end is nigh. And I sit and watch. And you know not what or who I am. Goodbye…

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