I had gone to bed at a relatively reasonable hour – 02:00 – last night. Once breakfast was out of the way, the kids were out by the pool, with their besties from Wales. We were due to head to a town, Vigevano, about an hour’s drive away with most of the remaining guests just to wander. It had a reputation for being picturesque. We left around 14:00 and got there a little after 15:00. It seemed everywhere had stopped serving lunch. Many places in Italy seem to close in the early afternoon similar to Spain. Several places were open, but only for coffee or gelati. We finally found a place serving sandwiches and salads. Once again we ate with the other family.

After lunch everyone else scattered to walk around town. I sat on my behind, and drank coffee. It was a perfect day. Warm, but not hot. I was in the shade. No one was shouting at me. When the kids came back, We got ice-cream, went to the bathroom, and met back at the bus.

That evening, we all met for dinner at 20:00. The service was apaulling. They didn’t give us our drinks for an hour. They didn’t take our food order for an hour and a half. It was crazy. I really enjoyed the company though. I was sitting opposite my cousin and her husband, who I hadn’t had much of a chance to talk to over the weekend. I hadn’t seen her for ages, and her husband even longer. We had a great laugh. I also sat next to my sister’s Canadian friends, who I’d already bonded with, whose company I really enjoyed.

When we were done, We walked slowly. I hung back and asked a couple of people if they wanted to stay back. No one wanted to. So I decided I’d stay out on my own. I told a lie. The alcoholic in me rearing its head again. I told my husband I was meeting some others later. I stayed out and had three more. I went home at 03:00.

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