If you want to hang out,
You’ve gotta take her out, cocaine
If you want to get down,
Get down on the ground, cocaine –
Eric Clapton – Cocaine

A friend of a friend of a friend showed me to you tonight…
An Sneachta Bán,
I tasted you before I felt you,
Excited before the rush.

You’re too new to me now,
For me to worry.
You’re beautiful, wonderful, giving.
No fear here.

Every weekend, like a long lost friend,
Although it’s been mere days,
I’m delighted to see you again,
So happy to inhale you deeply.

Slowly the weekends are not enough.
I want to see you every day.
You make me feel alive.
You make me feel special.

I seem to have a constant cold.
My heart pounds now and again.
My wallet is getting lighter.
My friends becoming fewer.

You are still my friend.
Giving me a vigor I have never had before.
I ignore the nosebleeds,
The worries of friends.

What do they know?
They don’t know you.
I can stop any time.
I don’t have a problem.

When I finally realize I have a problem.
I feel it is too late.
It is never too late,
But oh so very hard.

I need help.
Someone help me.
My friends cannot.
My family cannot.

I cry out.
My new friends all disappear.
They were never friends.
They don’t care.

My nose is fucked.
My life is a mess.
I’ve lost my job.
I’m not sure if I care.

My mom has come.
My sister calls every day.
They found a rehab.
I want to beat this.

I’m seven weeks clean.
I know I can do this.
I will rebuild my life.
Screw the sneachta bán.

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