My husband, three kids, and I are heading off to Italy in 20 days, May 25th. My oldest sister is getting married on June 1st. We’re starting in Rome, in an apartment we found on Air BnB. It’s a twenty minute walk to the Vatican, and three metro stops to where my sister (the one who’s getting married), her fiancé, and his two kids are staying. It’ll be nice for the five kids to be close to each other. and the four adults! My husband is extremely excited about the colosseum. Neither of us have been to Rome before. He has done very little traveling before. I’ve done little as an adult. We’re off to Milan after that. Well somewhere in between Milan and Genoa, to the wedding. We’re going to drive up through Pisa.

Anyway. This section of the site, is for our little, big, trip to Italy. I wanted to keep it separate so as not to bombard my depressive followers with cheerful posts – haha. Peace out.

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