Glide your fingers along my arm. It makes me shiver and smile. My short, soft, barely-visible hairs stand on end. Caress the length from elbow to wrist, over and over. Touch my lips. Send electricity through them. Make me laugh with the sensation. Place your index and middle fingers on your lips, then mine, showing your love for me. Kiss my cheeks, my eyes, my forehead, my nose, my mouth with tenderness. Place your hands on my waist. Look into my eyes. Smile. Let me know, that in this moment, you and I are all that matter. Share with me something that happened you today. Something small. Something inconsequential. Something that mattered to you. Ask me how my day was. Not because you should. Because you care. And when I share, know I did because I trust you. Let me take your face in my hands, kiss you gently, brush your cheek with my lips. Accept my whisperings in your ear, of my happiness to be here right now. Let me be the one to take your hand this time. Let me lead you home. To our bed. Our place. Our safety. Let me show you all you show me. I will let you show me all, in return.

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