There are those who love to hate Chicago, hate to love Chicago, just pure love it, and just pure hate it, and then there is everyone in between. The brutal winters. The massive potholes. The constant construction. The traffic. The political scandals. The crime. The poverty. Each time we get a particularly harsh winter like 2013 and 2014, we all swear we’ll move to California if we ever get another one like it, and then we do, and we don’t. The lakefront. The beaches. The sun. The bars. The concerts. The energy. The sports teams.

Today, I’m sitting in The Starbucks at Wrigley Field. They have the massive full length and width windows open. They look out onto an Astro-Turf area on the outside of the field. There are a ton of kids with their parents playing various games, most of them tossing baseballs to each other. A huge number of people are wearing Cubs Tees. Mind you that happens all over the city. It’s 9 am and its 70F. It’s going to be another beautiful day. It’s Saturday. There’s no game today, so I got parking less that a block from the park.

Everything feels just right. Each thing on its own is insignificant. Everything together sets my mind at ease, and makes me feel at home. Relaxed to be here. Not wanting to be anywhere else right now. I wish my husband and kids were on the turf goofing around, while I was watching on. Apart from that all is well.

I’m sitting at the bar in Starbucks. I haven’t seen one like this before. I’ve seen a couple of high-top stools at small ends of the back area in other Starbucks, but this is a large bow shaped low counter, with twenty stools all facing into the back area. I like it. I’m typing and watching. Being nosy. Doing one of the things I do well. Not the typing. And once again I turn my head to the right, to watch so many parents tossing balls to their kids.

I could likely stay here all day. I’m suffering a little from writer’s block, as is likely obvious from this piece. It is really about nothing. I am writing to write, hoping something comes out that is worthwhile. It isn’t working. I’ll keep ploughing ahead though. Maybe something will germinate.

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