I am at the top of the mountain. The zenith. The peak. I have climbed for hours, that seemed like days. I’ve always had this goal. I never thought I would make it. It seemed insurmountable. Yet here I am.

It is beautiful up here. I can look around 360°. I am higher up than anything for miles. What a view. What a feeling. The only thing I can hear is the wind whistling in my ears, and through the wild plants that grow up here. The sun is blazing, but it is not too warm. I am high enough that it is colder up here. The sun is almost directly overhead. It is late June and right around noon.

I take huge inhalations, slowly, and gentle exhalations, feeling the very heart of clean, nourishing air. It fills my lungs and my being with hope and warmth, even as the physical sensation of air passing in and out, is cool.

I look down at my feet. They took me up here, and now they are planted on top of the world. I sit on the ground, to give them a well deserved break. And then I lie down, giving my whole body a rest.

I look up straight at the sky, shielding my eyes from the sun. The few wispy clouds above are moving rapidly blow by the strengthening breeze. The wind howls slightly, through nothing but the air. My cheeks are flushed, my body cooling, and my mind is calm.

Being here is what life is about. It is alluring, and protected, from the world below. It nourishes me throughout my body. I am not shackled to my phone today. I chose not to work on my computer. I decide to be alone, not so that I can isolate, but so than I can appreciate the gift of the world.

It is time to descend. To go back to there. To stress. To technology. To people. Road rage. Pollution. Crammed houses. Busy lives. Work. Chores. Emissions. Politics. Pain.

I would rather stay up here, but I must nourish my body, so that I stay strong, so I can come back. As I head down, I think again of where I’m headed. To healthy food. Smiling faces. Funny happenings. Interesting conversations. Riveting books. Beautiful views. Making love. Holding someone. Kissing. Loving. Being.

By the time I reach the bottom, and ‘real‘ life, I am not conflicted. There is a need for both realities in my life. I love both for different reasons. And so I vow to climb the mountain next week.

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