Do you feel free? Truly free? Can you fly like a magically spirit through clear skies? Breathe deep, marveling at the feeling of nostrils opening, filling your lungs to capacity? Do you take advantage of nature, beautiful nature, that surrounds you? Do you run through wheat fields, as if you were a child, with arms spread out wide, to feel the sheaves tickling you hands? Do you contemplate life, and acknowledge “what will be will be?” Que será, será.

Do you look at your children, with hope, love, and wonderment at the possibilities, and excitements for what lays ahead of them? Do you cherish your wife, long for her when you are not with her, but be happy when not with her too? Do you think thoughts about matters you cannot comprehend, but are in awe of? Black Holes, The Universe, the temperature of the sun?

Do you live without fear, but with a realistic amount of caution? Do you look for opportunity, not misery? Are you an optimist, not a pessimist? Do you look at the inner beauty of people, not by the initial impression of their shell? Do you give everyone you meet, a chance to shine, or do you grab at what you can? Survival of the fittest? Or let’s make this beautiful world, better together? Do you strive to do what is right? Do you look with humility upon your elders? They have a lifetime of experience – listen to them. Do you accept that angry, rude people, may just be having a bad day? Assume this is the case. You will be right some of the time.

Do you smile when hearing babies cry on airplanes? We were all babies once. Babies cry. Remember that the parents are stressed beyond belief. They have 300 eyes on them, expecting them to perform a miracle, and shut their baby up. Do you offer to hold the baby? Do that instead of getting mad. Do you assume co-workers are lazy, or stupid, if things don’t go right? Are they less experienced, tired, having a rough day? Assume the best of people. Are you in any way racist? Do you talk the talk, and walk the walk, but inside hold on to some small prejudices? Small prejudices fester and grow into big ones. Both are wrong. Love thy neighbors – all of them.

Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

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