Why are we with obsessed with money? To buy just crap and stuff.
No matter how much we have, it never seems enough.

It makes such sense, for those without, to covet those with more.
They can’t feed and clothe their families, each day an aching chore.

Those with millions, just want more, never in satiety.
They earn, and rob, and grab, and cheat, oft’ make it easily.

While those who suffer every day, opportunities not for them.
They try their whole God damn lives to have, but have to roots, nor stem.

Those more fortunate should note, just how good they have it.
Watch people starving ’round the world, none of their fault one bit.

Not to say that those working hard, should not enjoy the spoils.
But maybe just once in a while, see those other and their toils.

And a small number of the rich, came up from being poor.
They worked their way up step, by step, became their own savior.

Please look at that child in Syria, who just wants to be alive.
What can he do in this world, to get ahead and strive.

And then there’s she in Africa, some small nation unknown
She goes to sleep each every night, on ground, hungry to the bone.

Are he and she, within their beds, supposed to dream freely?
Do they have a chance of what you have, think outside reality?

Please pay for him, please pray for her, and as you board your yacht,
Think how fortunate you are, even having work for all your lot.

Do you needs those millions, to make yourself more fit?
Can you give to him and her, just a little bit.

If we profess that we are just, and preach about the rules.
Shouldn’t we spread, some of our loot, our riches and our jewels.

Amir and Imani are watching us, to see how much we care,
Can we do what is most right, make lives easier to bare.

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