Beauty is truly, what’s between your two ears,
It takes most forever, to see what is dear.

The skinny, the fat, and all in between,
Are precious vessels, to many unseen.

I hate my own body, I feel like freak.
Has society said, it’s bad being unique?

I look at my daughters, and worry that they,
Will end up, in time, to feel the same way.

And lovers prefer, the “perfect” type,
From TV, and movies, it is all just hype.

When people get older, and bodies do fail,
Did they love somebody, who’s now without veil?

And when we’re all wrinkled, our brains still quite strong,
Those who were fickle, may know they were wrong.

Love not for beauty, that’s only skin deep.
Love for a soul, that’s endlessly deep.

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