Come to me, oh beautiful one. You mean more than I can say.
I will try over and over, but will never make headway.

In my thoughts of you, expansive, bright, shocking and powerful.
Often my feelings are overwhelming, they seem to me devourful.

Love is a painful, amazing thing, that brings us to our knees.
I can’t believe we found each other, and love each other with ease.

Most people wait a lifetime, to find what we have found.
Can you imagine we never met, how ridiculous does that sound?

No light in my life, the size of you, no crippling, mournful, bane,
That causes us to fear the loss, like a bullet in the brain.

I often lie in our love bed, and ache with thoughts of you.
I almost cry, because it hurts, to love you as I do.

I want you home, once I think clear, I never want you gone.
Please love me now and forever more, and on, and on, and on.

When I was young and felt so free, before I met my heart,
I didn’t know or comprehend, what waited ’til the start.

So darling please, listen up. I love you free and clear,
No matter what the future holds, you’ll always be my dear.

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