* Warning: This poem contains derogatory terms for homosexuals. I do not wish to offend anyone. I hope I convey some of the feelings a homosexual man feels, growing up and living in society today. I realize a heterosexual woman, might be the last person who should cover this topic, but we’re all human, which is the point of the poem. To those who are offended by the poem itself – awesome! I hate homophobic pricks.

When I was just a little boy, the age of five or six,
I used to run and play with friends, not dealing with conflicts.

A few years more, and things had changed, when girls they did enjoy,
I wondered how they felt like that, when I was drawn to a sweet boy.

I knew that young I was different, not the same as all the rest.
I was scared to show how I felt, hid it my very best.

I’m not sure how I knew back than, that what I felt was wrong.
It just appeared to me that now, I never would belong.

No one seemed just like me, fighting, playing rough.
Little did I know right then, that my life would be so tough.

And once I hit my puberty, and all us boys did grow.
I stood out even more right then, impossible not to show.

My voice was higher than the rest, just not acceptable.
The taunts, the jeers became much worse, I was susceptible.

At that hard point, in my young life, the jeers began in droves.
Homo, fag, queer and the likes, hide my face it behoves.

I’ve heard that now for many years, I’ve done nothing unwise.
So why should I, a good person, run under a different guise?

I beg of you, just give us peace, my husband, life, and me.
All we seek is what you have, a stable family.

I’m not a freak of nature, something ugly to behold.
I love my family, volunteer, and values I uphold.

If you could sit inside my brain, you’d see you’re just like me,
Except your heart and mind are closed, consumed with bigotry.

And on my wedding day I felt, my heart explode with awe,
That I could marry my lover too, you’d finally passed the law.

And so I think, to the future, when we are old and gray.
For little girls and boys not straight, that we have paved the way.

I hope they go to school, and live, without a single jeer.
And live their lives, free and open, living without a fear.

I think back now, to long ago, when I would have been killed,
Simply for the way I was born, my body is now chilled.

Is that my lot, that I’m happy, for not having been hung?
What is society teaching kids, their lives barely begun?

I just want to be left alone, to live my life in peace.
Please stop your taunts, I’m all wrung out, your words just need to cease.

And when my love and I retire, and sit right by the lake,
I hope I’ll look back at my life, be glad I wasn’t fake.

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