Remember a time, when young and free,
And friendships came, so naturally.
Whether fat, weird, or cool,
Home friends, and from school.
You had so much fun,
With everyone.
Cycling bikes, bugs in a jar,
Never afraid to be who you are.

High school rolled in, and that too was tough,
Bullying, music, fashion, and stuff.
To smoke, or to drug, or to drink many beers,
Feeling the pressure, from some of your peers.
Jocks, nerds, goths too,
Individual won’t do.
Freaks hearing mean calls,
While wandering the halls.

College is better,
Lazy or go-getter.
We meet those like us,
Without much of a fuss.
Even nerds, can fit in,
Their friendships begin.
But after four years,
Real life then appears.

In earlymid-twenties, you’re still having fun,
You’ve just started working, adulthood begun.
You’ve time, plans and money,
Everything is still funny.
Hanging with besties, head to the bar,
Experience great things, right here and afar.
Meeting your sweetheart, friendships can wane,
Not your intention, but a lover to gain.

Enter real grownups, marriage, kids too,
Now things change, for me and for you.
Try to make friends, with parents like you,
Who’ve no idea, not even a clue.
Though everyones’s scared, most act as judges,
Should support, but everyone begrudges.
This stage is quite hard, and can be quite lonely,
The friendships you have, are often quite phony.

As so through our lives, our friendships might change,
Making some mew ones, some others estrange.
They should be happy, supportive, not hurt,
Whether we’re angry, delighted, or curt.
Surround yourself with those understanding,
Not those who drain you, and are too demanding.
Your friends you should love, and have it returned,
Loyalty is not easy, and it should be earned.

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